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Teacher Contract

Student, parents, and teacher pledge to work together to ensure the student's success in school.

A Techtorial
Learn how to register, log in, and find and join events at Tapped In, a free, online environment for teachers.

Sites to See
K-4 resources on autumn foliage, including printables, interactive games, collaborative projects, and more.

Foliage Tracker
Students track leaf changes, input data, and graph foliage changes. (Grades 6-8)

What can you do with SchoolNotes? Check out Heather Ashmore's Life Science Page.

Social Networking Tips
From Facebook

Facebook's chief security officer Joe Sullivan provides tips for teachers on how to safely -- and educationally -- use Facebook and other social networking sites in the classroom.

Computer Creativity

Marilyn Mossman's technology-based projects enrich the curriculum.

Technology Closes Distance Between Kids, Schools
In the not-so-distant past, students had pen pals. Now with the help of Skype and other technology, kids chat with students from across the district or across the world.

From the Ed World Tech Team
Our Favorite Gadgets
We asked members of the Education World Tech Team to share their favorite gadgets. This is what they said

Learn what Total Reader can do for your students.

Doug Johnson
Are 21st Century Skills Right Brain Skills?
To what extent should we be helping kids develop design sense, storytelling abilities, synthesis, feelings for others, humor, and the ability to detect the importance of the information they learn?

Bernie Poole: Reflecting Poole
Computer-Based Learning and Montessorian Manipulatives
The methodologies applied in Montessori schools are based on a philosophy of education that recognizes children's preference for control over their own learning.

Brenda Dyck: Brenda's Blog
Teaching in a Culture ofThey'll Never Let Us and
We Cannot Do

The responsibility to improve schools from within ultimately rests on the shoulders of the schoolhouse and the educators who reside there.

From the Reading Machine
Synonym Sam's Lab is a fun site for reinforcing understanding of synonyms. (Grades 2-4)

Miguel Guhlin:
The IT Crowd

Building Your Learning Network
As we externalize our thinking, it becomes less I am an expert expounding on what I know" and more of "I am a learner sharing what I'm learning so we can learn together."

Alma Rowe's
Gadget of the Week

LEGO Digital Designer
Nothing is better than playing with the real thing, but this is a great way to introduce CAD.

Featured (Free) Webinars
Thursday, September 23
1:00pm (EST)
SLJ Nonfiction Book Buzz 2010 from School Library Journal.
Learn how publishers produce well-researched, accurate, attractive, and accessible core-related materials for grades K-12.

Tuesday, September 28
3:00pm (EST)
Change Can Happen One Kid at a Time from School Library Journal.
How books can inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens.

From the Math Machine
Reversi is a fun Web site for teaching strategy, logic, and problem solving. (Grades 1-12)

From the Science Machine
Use The Periodic Table to explore the topics of chemistry and the elements. (Grades 6-12)

Check out this week's site reviews:
How Products Are Made
From boomerangs to breath mints -- all about 'em!

Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures
A new way to get to Carnegie Hall -- Click! Click! Click!

The Renaissance Connection
An interactive site for middle-schoolers from the Allentown Art Museum.

Explore our Site Review Archives for more great sites. You also can keep up with our latest reviews by signing up for our Site Review Newsletter.

From Good to Outstanding -- Kath Morgan
Follow teacher Kath Morgan as she tries to go "from good to outstanding" in this Brittish series focusing on teacher improvement.

Printing With Internet Explorer
Save trees, ink, and your sanity by teaching students how to print only the information they need.