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November Bookmark and Book Plate
Encourage a love of books with these November templates.

Larry Ferlazzo's Best...
The best places to learn computer basics and how to fix tech problems provides resources where non-tech-savvy people can look for help related to technology trouble-shooting and software questions.

Thanksgiving Then and Now
Students create a Venn diagram to compare the Pilgrims "First Thanksgiving" with todays Thanksgiving celebration.

This Week's

A Techtorial
Learn how to personalize your bulk letters using Microsoft's Mail Merge Wizard.

I recently read a blog entry written by a high-school senior just weeks away from graduation. The essay, from the blog A Boundless World, was called Why Our Current Education System Is Failing. In it, this clearly thoughtful young man said, "Its obvious our current education system needs major reform; until then, it can proudly boast a fat D- on its fridge."
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Blogging? It's Elementary!
Blogging most often is thought of as an activity for high school students. Did you know, however, that students as young as kindergarten blog on a daily basis?

What We're Grateful For

Kindergartners use technology to express appreciation at Thanksgiving.

The Changing Face of Classroom Technology
How have the technology needs of teachers changed during the past few years? What tech support do teachers need now compared to what they needed a few years ago?

Doug Johnson: Tech Proof
Free Is Good: Nearly a Dozen No-Cost Computing Tools
These free computer-based software programs are useful and reliable for the average computer user. All run both on Macs and PCs and have good track records of reliability.

Brenda Dyck: Brenda's Blog
You Can Be a Storyteller Too
Can digital storytelling facilitate the development of writing skills and encourage inquiry? And how do we adjust our instruction and assessment methods to fit this new way of communicating?

Nancy Willard: Cyber Savvy
Youth Risk Online: Foundational Concerns
Some foundational concerns that cut across many specific online risks include advertising, privacy, media addiction and multitasking, information literacy, and stranger literacy.

From the Math Machine
Connect the Numbers is a fun Web site for teaching number sequence.

Miguel Guhlin:
The IT Crowd

Five Lessons for Mobile Device Implementation
Because many school districts are just embarking on implementation of mobile devices, Ive provided five lessons that should be considered before implementation.

Alma Rowe's
Gadget of the Week

This tool allows users to collaborate in real time as they chat inside a visual workspace.

Featured (Free) Webinars
Tuesday, November 10
1:00pm (ET)
The Rising Tide of Autism: How Your School Will Be Affected and Strategies You Can Implement from eSchool News.
Learn how an influx of children with autism will affect schools across the United States.

Featured (Free) Webinars
Wednesday, November 11
11:00am (ET)
From Blah to Aha! Ten Best Practices for the Virtual Classroom from LearnShare.
Discover how to repurpose face-to-face classroom delivery with engaging, facilitated online learning.

From the Science Machine
Use Measure Yourself to explore health, biology, and measurement.
From the Reading Machine
Spell Check players identify a misspelled word and spell it correctly.

Check out this week's site reviews:
Avalon Arts Studio: Ideas for Teachers
Ideas for all types of art, including recipes, 3-D art, printmaking, and more.

Math DL
This digital library offers a wealth of resources for teaching and learning math.

A map-based collection of information on 26,000 species.

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The Importance of Education
"The Resident" videographer Lori Harfenist conducts on-the-street interviews about the importance of education.

Teaching With Windows
Windows comes with a number of classroom-friendly features you can use.

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