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Eight Fun Craft Ideas for Summer

These hands-on activities feature low-cost materials (many of which can be found around the home) and maximum fun. Keep kids busy all summer long!

Sponge Ball
Here’s a great item for staying cool—and active—on a hot day: summer’s alternative to the snowball!

Try these pretty decorations that involve a bit of science, and experiment with items you find outdoors.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint
Kids can express their creativity with this easy-to-clean-up substance. Ramp up learning by using it to make letters and numbers!

Nature Potions
Celebrate the many colors of nature by having kids whip up these “homeopathic” concoctions!

summer crafts for kidsVacation Memory Jar
These are like scrapbooks, but in 3-D. Kids gather mementoes and display them creatively.

Paper Plate Porthole
Kids create their own worlds under the sea.

Sand Cast Heart with Sea Shells
This at-the-beach craft is sure to please! Shells and other found treasures enhance the look.

Racing Boats
Kids will love this—a craft and outdoor activity in one. Built from re-used materials for eco-friendliness!


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