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Comparing pictures


Arts & Humanities,
Ed. Technology
Grade: 3-5, 6-8


Brief description

Students complete a work sheet to compare and contrast two pictures depicting the signing of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.


Students demonstrate skills in describing pictures.


picture, Constitution, Declaration of Independence

Materials needed

computers with Internet access, a computer with projection capability, or printouts from the site scanned originals of early American documents (click the High-Resolution Downloads button)

Lesson plan


  • Introduction: Ask students how people recorded pictures of events before cameras were invented.
  • Have students view images via one of the methods noted. Provide each student with a copy the Education World work sheet Comparing pictures. Have students study the images to complete the work sheet.


Have students share their work sheet comments.

Lesson plan source

Education World

Submitted by

Lois Lewis



Originally published 07/03/2000
Last updated 03/27/2016