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Students create dreidels, traditional Hanukkah toys, from common materials and play the dreidel game!
As the holidays near, try this humorous lesson that teaches/reinforces/applies Newton's Laws of Motion.
Students learn about the history of Santa Claus in different countries and dramatize Clement C. Moore's famous poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas.'
Does your classroom environment reflect your students and adapt to their changing needs? Learn to maximize the physical space of your classroom as a...
Would you let your students make art with food? In this lesson inspired by 'Amezaiku' artist, Shinri Tezuka, students create personally meaningful...
This student-centered art unit frees young students to explore their surroundings, collect found materials with care, and create a beautiful,...
Discover strategies to teach foundational drawing skills using engaging, kid-friendly methods.
Lesson ideas that will make use of your old art materials while making space on your supply shelves.
In this lesson, students design and use a model to test cause and effect interactions concerning the functioning of a marine food web.
In this lesson, students will design a solution to a food system issue impacting their home, school, or community.
The case for teaching empathy. Keith Lambert examines ways to integrate teaching this social-emotional skill into your current curriculum.
Take an in-depth look at a visualization strategy that empowers early childhood art students to explore metaphor kinesthetically.