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Best PD Articles of 2013: 25 Must-Reads

These 25 great articles and blog posts helped keep educators informed and motivated throughout the year. Catch up on your reading and learn something new over the winter break!

Teach Social Media Offline: Five Ideas
Get tips for developing engaging lessons that use simulations of online environments.

Survey: Gather Student Input
Use this survey to gather student feedback. Then apply the results to fine-tune instruction and boost classroom climate.

High-Quality Teaching Practices: Boost Engagement
Learn how to achieve “distinguished” or “highly effective” status in Danielson's rubric for teaching practices.

Want Kids to Comply? Why I-Messages Can Backfire
"Your misbehavior makes me sad." Learn why "I messages" may do more harm than good.

Educators: Making the Most of Pinterest
Teachers use Pinterest to gather ideas for everything from lessons to classroom decoration. Explore noteworthy pins here.

Praise Pointers: Give the Right Compliments
The compliments we're accustomed to giving students can have negative side effects. Learn how to fine-tune your praise.

Top Four Ways to Avoid Burnout
Use these tips and resources to manage stress and keep morale high.

Top Educator Blogs for 2013
Get inspired! Browse EducationWorld's top picks for great blogs to follow in 2013.

Start a Class Garden
Lessons on seeds and mapping are just the beginning. Let students care for plants and more.

Top Reasons to Use Games in the Classroom
Learn why game playing can engage students and serve as a powerful instructional tool.

Problem-Based Learning: A Success Story
Learn how a creative project helped engage a gifted student.

Five Low-Tech Skills Students Will Always Need
“Dinosaur” skills and habits can help students get—and keep—their dream jobs.

Ten Great End-of-Year Goals
Educators who commit to these PD strategies will come back next year recharged and ready to foster improvement.

Project-Based Learning: Why and How?
Read about the benefits and get tips on implementing this key instructional strategy.

An Educator’s Emotional Resignation
She believes a focus on standardized testing has killed authentic learning environments. Share your thoughts!

What Learning Looks Like
One school’s summer gifted program offers lessons worth learning by all educators.

Great Teachers Do This Differently
What makes some teachers stand out? Learn about key behaviors.

Back-to-School Questionnaires: Get to Know Students
Use or adapt these survey questions to suit your grade-level and classroom needs.

Portfolios and the Student-Led Parent Conference
Get tips on helping kids create, maintain and evaluate their personal portfolios.

Top 6 Ways to Optimize Every Lesson
Inspire students and improve lessons by implementing simple strategies.

Student-Chosen Assessments Motivate and Engage
Learn how three teachers increased student motivation by letting kids choose creative ways of demonstrating their learning.

Teachers Share Ideas for Using Edmodo
Teachers from around the world describe how the popular online learning platform (now available as an app) benefits their students.

Web Resources for Multicultural Instruction
Web-based resources stimulate young people’s interest in, and understanding of, other races, ethnicities and cultures.

Student Feedback: Six Questions Teachers Should Ask
Students need specific, actionable and timely teacher feedback to help them improve their work.

Promoting a “Healthy Mind Diet” for Students
Mental well-being requires daily “nutrients” such as goal-oriented tasks, creativity and aerobic exercise.


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