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Are you still struggling with classroom and behavior management? You wont want to miss part 3 of Fred Joness series on how Tools for Teaching and PBIS combine to help you create an instructional program that prevents discipline problems.
December can be a stressful time for educators trying to balance end-of-term professional responsibilities with personal holiday tasks. If the pressure of the season is getting you down, check out our strategy of the week or Stress Relief Kit for a quick pick-me-up.

December: A Month of Multicultural Holiday Celebrations Do your students celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, or Ramadan? December offers great opportunities for teaching about our multicultural world.

Does December Spell "Dilemma" in Your School? As school populations in the United States grow increasingly diverse, the month of December becomes synonymous with another "d" word: dilemma. Relax. There's a way to approach the holidays that, if handled correctly, could bring us all a little closer to peace on earth.

Stress Relief Do you ever find yourself dealing with unmotivated, disrespectful, or unruly students? With large classes, heavy workloads, or unreasonable accountability standards? With job-related stress? What teacher doesn't? These articles can help.

Competition Enter the No Name-Calling Week Creative Expression Contest and help put a stop to bullying.

This weeks featured tip is from our Best Idea Ever Library.
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What can you do with SchoolNotes? Check out Miss Pinto's Page.

Dr. Fred Jones Tools for Teaching implements PBIS at level 3 tertiary prevention in the classroom.

Emma McDonald A little long-term planning can help keep you from getting overwhelmed and stressed out in the weeks ahead. This practical planning system will ensure a successful spring semester for you and your students.

Leah Davies Teachers and parents are expected to encourage children. However, when children do not feel good about themselves, they need to be reminded of ways they can encourage themselves and one another.

Professor Joe Martin Remember your favorite teacher. Reflect on everything that made you admire and respect him or her. Now, pretend to be your favorite teacher for at least one week this month.

Ms. Powells Tips for Organizing Your Classroom A designated teachers area can reduce steps and keep your desk clutter free.

Meet the other members of Education Worlds Columnist Team.

Count the Monkeys In this amazing "vanishing" puzzle, students look for an elusive monkey.

Even Teachers Make Mistakes Last year, when a student caught me in a mistake, I said, "This is the first math mistake I've ever made!" From then on, students took it as a friendly challenge to catch the math teacher making another math mistake.

Math Competitions A little competition can inspire students to greater achievement. This week, Education World highlights more than a dozen math competitions, one of which might be the one to motivate your students.

Math Mnemonics The Weight of a Pint

From the Math Machine Math Splat Students read an equation with fractions and choose the correct answer from those offered. (Grades 4-6)

Look for more math resources, lessons, and activities in our Math Corner and on our Lesson Planning page.



Reading Tips Reading comprehension, like phonemic awareness, decoding, and fluency, can be taught. Ideas for improving student concentration and reading comprehension.

Good To Be Green Little Gerry Green Thumb has applied to become the newest character in Nursery Rhyme Kingdom. Will the admissions committee look beyond his unique appearance and accept him into their group?

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Teaching Comprehension Learn about a multi-faceted approach to teaching comprehension, including five additions to the NRP's suggested reading curriculum.

From the Reading Machine Gators Smash Em Students find and click incorrect words to score points in this simple interactive adventure. (Grades 2-6)


Teaching Writing as a Process There are, in the real world, many ways to edit, revise, and organize writing. We help students develop strong writing skills when we not only teach them the steps in the process, but also guide them while they take risks and explore.

Everyone Gets an A in This Class Susan Schweiker shares some A+ ideas for student writing.

Writing Lesson #1 Students write their own math word problems and stage photos to illustrate them. (Grades K-12)

Writing Lesson #2 Combine writing a book report with writing a friendly letter. (Grades K-5)

Writing Bug #1 Write your personal version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Writing Bug #2 You are a newspaper reporter at an historic event