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Beginning next week, the writers and editors at Education World will be taking a break from posting new content in order to plan for next year, develop new features, and update your favorite old" features. Well be back in August with great new articles and features to help you provide the very best for your new students. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Best of articles -- oft-requested resources from our vast archives of practical tips, articles, lessons, worksheets, tutorials, and more.
Were ending this year, however, not with a whimper but with a bang. Three of our expert columnists have written new articles this week: Fred Jones explains how Tools for Teaching implements Response to Intervention (RTI), the latest strategy for preventing learning problems. Ken Shore provides tips for both parents and teachers on how to encourage children to enjoy reading. And Eric Baylin wonders in song if the seeds of what we do may grow into a teacher too."
In a new feature article, PE expert Guy Bailey offers a number of active, collaborative games to make recess fun and get kids fit -- indoors and out, while a new GoFigure! puzzle can keep students brains active this week or during the long summer months.
You cant ask for more than that. (Although we have more. Check it out.)
BTW, this year, will be live streaming the 82nd annual Scripps National Spelling Bee beginning May 27. Watch it with your students!
And have a great summer!

Rejuvenate Recess Get kids active and promote fitness with games from PE expert Guy Bailey.

Eric Baylin Some day the seeds of what we do may grow into a teacher too.

Stress Busters Can there possibly be a job more stressful than teaching? We asked members of the Education World Tech Team for their suggestions for keeping ones cool despite career challenges and classroom chaos. Discover what they told us.

Teaching With Games Games can be used to review learned skills and to teach new ones as they build students academic confidence, improve problem-solving, and strengthen teacher-student and student-student relationships.

Leah Davies Teachers use many approaches to gain students' undivided attention and create an atmosphere conducive to learning. These 25 simple approaches are sure to help you gain attention in a calm, quiet way.

Put an End to Homework Horror If your students lack interest in your homework assignments, it may not be your students -- it may be the assignments. Author Nancy Paulu has some advice for teachers who want to make the most out of homework.

Competition Join the 2009 Read With Kids Challenge.

What can you do with SchoolNotes? Check out Grubbs Class Notes.


Dr. Fred Jones RTI is a multi-level system that focuses on the prevention of learning problems.

Ask Dr. Shore My husband and I are avid readers. What can we do to encourage our children to enjoy reading too?

Professor Joe Martin Do you brighten up your school when you enter it or when you leave it?

Emma McDonald Dont miss this five part series on how to get the teaching job you want.

Ms. Powells Tips for Organizing Your Classroom Use this compact system for keeping lesson activities and photocopies organized and easily accessible.

Meet the other members of Education Worlds Columnist Team.

Vacation Travels The Gomez family goes on a car trip. Students help Maria keep track of how far from home and how many miles the family travels.

Convince Me Saying "Wrong answer!" pronounces judgment and kills debate. Saying "Convince me!" stimulates inquiry, clear mathematical thinking, and animated mathematical discourse.

Math Anxiety Students with math anxiety have confidence in only one thing -- that they can't do it. Your need to prove to those students that they can do it. Nine tips for banishing math anxiety from your classroom.

Math Mnemonics Metric Units of Measure

From the Math Machine Traffic Jam Challenge yourself to solve each puzzle in the minimum number of moves. (Grades K-12)

Look for more math resources, lessons, and activities in our Math Corner and on our Lesson Planning page.

This week’s featured tip is from our Motivating Kids Library. Contribute to our tips libraries.



Summertime Reading Encourage parents to include reading in their summer plans, and help them keep their kids reading by making summertime reading different than that stuff I do at school.

The Incredible Animal Race Two animal teams compete in the Animal Kingdoms annual race. A surprising twist brings an amazing finish.

Reading Tips Add another element to your students' spelling practice.

From the Reading Machine Charlottes Web: Make-Your-Own Comics Students construct an original comic strip that features the people and creatures of the popular book. (3-6)

Best Books for Teaching About
Flag Day
Father's Day

Reading Response Journals: Writing After Reading Is Revealing In an effort to encourage students to think and share more about what they read, some teachers have turned to reading response journals -- and are gaining new insights.

Roving Reporter Karen Duxs sixth graders share all the news that's fit to "cast."

A Seashell Lesson Seashells help teach about the importance of including detail in writing. (Grades 3-8)

Catchy Captions A lesson in newspaper photo captions and caption writing. (Grades K-5)

Lost in the Middle of Nowhere Our old car rattled to a stop in the middle of nowhere

No More Smiling Smiling has just been outlawed in your community