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Thats Me!


This is a fun activity that gets people out of their seats and builds enthusiasm. In addition, staff members might learn about one another. The activity is simple: Just call out each of the statements below and ask staff members to shout out Thats me! after each statement that describes themselves. To really get folks actively involved you might insist that they jump out and throw their hands into the air as they should out Thats me! During the first questions, you might tease people several times into showing more enthusiasm as the statements are read and they respond. Add to this list below statements that relate to your own school or the area in which you live. You might even throw in a statement from time to time that you know relates to just one person on your staff; people will get a kick out of it when -- amongst the mayhem of the previous boisterous responses -- just one person jumps up and shouts with all his or her boisterous enthusiasm, Thats me!

Sample Statements
Stand up and shout Thats me! if
Youve been a teacher for more than 10 years. (Thats me!)
Youve taught in a different state.
You are really dangerous in Barnes&Noble.
You are the parent of an elementary school aged child.
You love kids. (A few of you arent sure!?)
You believe its important to build team spirit.
You have an empty nest.
You spoil your grandchildren.
Youre spending your grandchildrens inheritance.
Youve bought something on ebay.
Youve bought something from QVC or the Home Shopping Network.
You hate to cook
You are still scared of technology.
You still hold hands with your spouse.
Your desk is a mess.
You have a student youre not crazy about.
Youre on Facebook.
Youre going to do great things for kids this year!

Another Use for This Activity
You ever have one of those meetings where everybody is falling asleep or showing little enthusiasm for the topic or task at hand? Toss in this activity. Theres no way people cant get actively involved and some of the enthusiasm might carry over as you get back to the task at hand.

Bryan McLain, principal, Denton Creek Elementary School, Coppell, Texas

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