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Fundraiser Review:  VanWyk Confections

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What is sold:  Van Wyk Confections offers $1 and $2 fundraising candy packages (including a variety pack of chocolate bars that are entirely peanut-free), as well as sweet and salty pretzel rods and lollipops. The site also offers cookie and brownie mixes.

About the program:   Billed as a respected and high-profit fundraising company, Van Wyk requires a one-case minimum (208 candy bars) per order. Orders of 10 cases or less are shipped via UPS.

Support for schools: The Web site offers assistance for organizations as they set their fundraising goals and decide how much product to order. A basic frequently-asked-questions section provides simple advice on how to sell the product.

Bottom line:  Yes, this is another candy sale. But the profit margin—50 percent on most items—as well as the option of peanut-free candy bars, make Van Wyk Confections worth a look.


Article by Ted Glanzer, EducationWorld Contributor
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