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Fundraiser Review: Scents of Soy

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What is sold:  Scent of Soy sells a variety of candle products. The candles, which are made in Texas, use 100% all-natural soybean wax. According to the company, that means every time you burn one of its products, “you can rest assured that neither toxins nor chemicals are being exhausted in the air.”

About the program:  The company has a number of different products and packages for sale. Schools get a straight 50% commission, and there are no up-front costs. Scents of Soy provides samples of its most popular products free of charge. Orders can be taken on paper forms or online.

Support for schools:  Scents of Soy provides significant hands-on support. According to the company, “On the day we deliver the fundraising packets and samples, we will formally roll the program out to your team. We will review the products your team will be selling, as well as how to fill out the order form and take orders. Our goal is to ensure that each of your participants has every tool necessary to maximize your school’s fundraising effort.”

Bottom line:  Scents of Soy offers a product made in the United States, no up-front risk and a 50% commission. The company has a nice range of candle products, and the soy angle may help differentiate your fundraiser from others.

Article by Daniel Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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