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Organization Launches Anti-Bullying Solution for K-12 Schools

A school climate organization, Bridg-it, has just announced the launch of Bridg-it School, an online school safety solution for K-12 educators.

Career Programs Continue to Grow at U.S. Schools

Schools across the U.S. are doing what they can to help narrow the skills gap and boost graduation rates by offering school programs to students that feature hands-on learning and exposure to real-world work.

Should Students Still Play Tag on the Playground?

Are students too aggressive on the playground? Pediatric Occupational Therapist Angela Hanscom recently looked at this issue in a recent article featured on

Expert: Giving Students a Voice in Hiring Teachers 'Makes Sense'

Nick Morrison, education expert, writes that giving students a voice when it comes to hiring new teachers is just "common sense."

Study: Teacher Experience Improves Job Performance

A recent finding from a handful of studies suggests the notion that teachers improve over their first three or so years and plateau thereafter may not be true. In fact, they suggest the average teacher's ability to boost student achievement increases.

Michelle Obama Initiates Peace Corps 'Let Girls Learn' Program

Michelle Obama is currently on a five-day trip to Asia to promote the U.S.-led education initiative "Let Girls Learn," a community-based program to be run by the Peace Corps that is meant to help girls in the developing world stay in school.

Urban Schools 'Zero Out' Zero-Tolerance Policies

A number of urban school districts in the country are abandoning the zero-tolerance policies and picking up a new process called the "whole-child approach."