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Yousafzai urges countries to help address the lack of education for Syrian children to prevent them from becoming the 'lost generation.'
Efforts to replace Common Core Standards have so far not resulted in any progress, just loss of time and money, argues one journalist.
32 states and the District of Columbia have increased funding for pre-K.
Tennessee governor Bill Haslam is proposing his own $400 million plan that is supposed to benefit K-12 education, without raising taxes.
Ohio AP gov students are getting the experience of a lifetime through a series of field trips to experience the Iowa caucuses.
One superintendent describes a district-wide transition to differentiated learning made possible by digital tools.
More reseach indicates sitting down is worse for you than previously thought. Will this influence more classrooms to utilize standing desks?
Should non-traditional desks be forgotten about until recess can be restored?
President Barack Obama will be announcing a new $4 billion plan to ensure that all children have access to computer science in 2017.