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Top Ten
Admin Desk
Of 2008

These ten Administrator's Desk articles were among the most popular articles of 2008.

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week
Activities for administrators, parents, and students to show teachers just how much they mean.

Mission Statements
Tips for writing the mission statement and keeping it alive once it's written.

Walk-Throughs Are on the Move
Principals talk about the benefits of walk-throughs. Plus: How to initiate them.

Handwashing Campaigns Cut Germs, Absenteeism
Are you aware of how many resources are available to help get you started?

PBIS Boosts Behavior and Academics
Principals say the PBIS approach to school-wide behavior management drastically reduces discipline problems.

Big Test Pep Rallies
2, 4, 6, 8 -- taking tests and feeling great! Included: Cheers, skits, and more.

Sports4Kids Restores Order to Recess
Before you eliminate recess, consider these principals' thoughts about a program that has reformed their playgrounds.

Souper Bowl Connects Kids and Communities
Each year during Super Bowl week. students collect millions of pounds of food to benefit local organizations.

50 Great Interview Questions
50 questions to help you learn about applicants' knowledge, experience, and more.

Community Scavenger Hunt Teaches Many Skills
This 3-day community event challenges kids to track down answers to questions.

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Education Worlds Principal Files principal team responds to monthly questions. The result: some of the most popular and practical articles of 2008, including these:

  • Recognizing the Stars on Your Staff
  • Principals Favorite Read-Aloud: 2008
  • Interviewing for the Principalship: Tips from Principals
  • Got Motto? -- Twelve Slogans to Help Build School-Wide Community
  • The Interview: Principals Share 30 Favorite Questions for Future Teachers
    See more articles from this series in our Principal Files archive.


    Focus On...
    New in 2008! Our archive of Focus On... articles provides practical ideas on dozens of topics of interest to school leaders -- everything from getting the school year off to a smooth start to crisis management. More topics: Discipline, Fund Raising, Hiring New Teachers, Reading Achievement, Recess Management, Testing, Traditions...

    How I Handled
    Principals share lessons learned from their experiences.

    Grant of the Week
    Grants expert Don Peek offers new grants each week. Check out the latest additions to our Grants Center. And check back often for updates.

    Exceptional Events
    A year of school-wide events that spotlight students and involve parents.

    Partners for
    Student Success

    Education World has teamed up with the National Network of Partnership Schools to share the stories of schools that are bringing together parents and the community to help ensure student achievement. Learn about home-made school programs and events that are helping to build school community across the U.S.

    Instant Meetings
    Are staff meetings getting to be a drag? Here are three dozen principal-tested ideas for meetings that work.

    Take Five
    Each week we take 5 minutes to share five quick tips. In our Take Five archive, we offer advice for planning effective and fun staff meetings, recognizing and celebrating student achievement, helping first-year teachers succeed, and much more.

    PR for PRincipals George Pawlas offers new ideas each week for getting out the good news about your school.

    Newsletters 'R Us
    Copy and paste this free content into your teacher or school newsletters.
    Fun Facts
    Math @ Home
    quotED: Education Quotes
    The ABCs of Student Success
    Caught on the Web
    Newsletter Clipart Library
    Parent Newsletter Templates


    Ivan Kershner, known to students and colleagues alike as Mr. Ivan, has been writing poetry for more than 40 years. His poems should ring familiar to all educators. Click a title below, and enjoy!
    Bringing Elephants to School
    One Child Left Behind
    The Teachers Messy Desk
    See more poems from this series in our Principal Poet archive.


    Each year, our Administrators Desk columnists -- all experienced school leaders -- challenge and motivate us to improve our approaches and our schools. At the end of 2007, we are proud to spotlight some of their most inspiring work.

    Pete Hall
    Pete Halls efforts at turning around one underperforming school earned him ASCDs Outstanding Young Educator Award. In his Education World columns, Hall challenges all school leaders to always strive to be a better you!
    Making It Fun Again
    Leading Off the Edge of the Map
    Confronting Concerns With Teacher Performance

    Diane Hodges
    An award-winning educator, highly acclaimed speaker, and bestselling author, Dr. Diane Hodges' weekly Looking Forward to Monday Morning columns present a wealth of ideas administrators can use to drive staff members happy!
    Going Above and Beyond
    Just for Fun: Volume #1
    Fun With Food" Volume #1

    Paul Young
    A former national Principal of the Year and past president of NAESP, Paul Young brings a unique perspective on school leadership and a cheerleading spirit to his Young @ Heart columns.
    The Principal as Troublemaker
    The Five Levels of Principal Leadership
    Becoming a Principal Is Like Learning to Swim All Over Again

    Carlton Ashby
    The newest member of our Admin Desk columnist team is actually a kindergarten teacher. But his powerful messages about building relationships with students always resonate with principals who've seen him speak at state and national conferences.
    Making Connections Is Key
    A Small Pair of Eyeglasses Can Make a Big Difference
    Three Keys to Student Success: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

    Leah Davies
    Educator and counselor Leah Davies is the creator of the Kelly Bear character building resources for children ages three to nine. Her practical advice is a huge help to principals and the teachers they mentor.
    25 Ways to Gain Children's Attention
    Instilling Perseverance in Children
    Ten Ways to Involve Fathers in Their Children's Education

    George Pawlas
    A principal educator and author of The Administrator's Guide to School-Community Relations, George Pawlas shares ideas to help principals create successful schools in his regular Pawlas on PR columns.
    Crisis Planning: Have You Done Yours?
    Take Care of the People Who Take Care of You
    Experienced Administrators Share Their Advice


    Are you looking for books to help you improve instruction in your school? Motivate teachers and students? Improve school climate? Increase parent involvement? Click the links below to see a few of Our Editors' Choices of recommended books. Then it's your turn to share titles that you recommend. and tell why you value them. With your help, we will build the best list on the Web of Best Books for leading schools of achievement and caring.
    Energizing Staff Meetings
    The Sixty-Second Motivator
    Case Studies for Teacher Problem Solving
    Failure Is Not an Option -
    Six Principles That Guide Student Achievement in High-Performing Schools

    A Survival Kit for the Elementary School Principal Being a Successful Principal: Riding the Wave of Change Without Drowning
    How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms