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Math @ Home is one of Education World's Newsletters 'R Us features. This series provides principals with ready-made features that can be cut-and-pasted into school newsletters. Math @ Home provides simple activities and games that parents and students can do together at home to reinforce students' math skills.

Super Sums

Pennies in the Pot [content block]

Electronic Flash Cards

Drawing to Scale

What Are My Chances?

Great Games Online

Fill It Up

The Game of Pig

Money's Worth

Numbers in the News

Checkerboard Math


Tracking Time

You're Gonna Flip

Math Printables

More or Less

Counting Book

Place Value Card Game

Highs and Lows

Money's Worth #2

Simply Symmetrical

Tracking Time #2

Math Challenge

Calculating Coupons

Number Search

Tracking Time #3

Check It Out

Guess If You Can

Pretzel Math

License Plate Special

Simply Symmetrical #2

Let's Play Store

Are You Average?

Math With M&Ms


Pretzel & Pasta Math