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Best Tweets: “Tracking Student Success” Twitter Party

Schools know that measuring student success through data-driven metrics is crucial. But what core measures can help a district grasp the basics of the total picture and demonstrate early successes? Education World’s parent company EDmin, Inc. recently sponsored a Twitter party on tracking student success, where speakers and guests offered insights on selecting core indicators, sharing data and using the data to make important shifts.

twitterEven if you didn’t make it to the party, we’ve collected some interesting tidbits for you here. Be sure to visit EDmin’s Web site at for tools that can help you track data at your school. Enjoy the top tweets from the “Tracking Student Success” Twitter party:

Suzy Brooks is a third-grade teacher and technology enthusiast.

  • Our Data Team always tries to see what the data ISN'T showing us (i.e., transient population, absences, social-emotional issues).
  • We measure whole-school 3 times a year, and progress monitor 4-6 kids per class continuously. Keeps our finger on the pulse. 
  • Our data drives interventionist time, tiered instruction, groupings between classes. It's integral to decisions.
  • We're learning more and more what's working with all sorts of learners. Data parses out what's working and what's not.

Charity Preston has taught grades from Pre-K to 8and writes the popular Organized Classroom blog.

  • I like to use the data to know what I can skip and what needs to be focused on in my curriculum for the year.

Ray Frohnhoefer is a Technical Consultant and Senior Program Manager for EDmin, the parent company of Education World. He serves key client accounts and is an R&D program manager for dashboard and reporting products.

  • Using data promotes a cycle of continuous improvement and learning. Look for strengths, weaknesses and trends.  

Sage Scheer is Vice President of Strategic Sales for EDmin. She was responsible for the national launch of the INFORM® Learning System and has more than 25 years experience in developing assessment practices for both K-12 and higher education.

  • With real-time analytics, deficiencies can be immediately addressed. Student frustration is minimized.
  • We've noticed that without proper intervention, dropout rates begin to increase as early as middle school.
  • John Hattie's book Visible Learning provides more than 800 indicators related to achievement. Great book!
  • We've seen effective use when teachers really focus on the building-block approach to standards-based instruction.
  • Scope and sequence helps students see the "big" picture, drill down to detail, and then apply theory to practice.
  • Increasing awareness of the correlation between standards will take time, but should pay good dividends in the end.
  • Celebration is essential for motivation, especially with students and teachers.


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