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Tech in the Classroom:

Hulu Plus Kids


What is itHere’s an online service that streams educational television shows aimed at children.

How does it work? Hulu has several prominent content-provider deals which allow them to offer programming from outlets like PBS, NBC and others via the Internet. With the Hulu Plus Kids service, this programming is pre-screened so that only educational and age-appropriate shows are available.

my passport edgeHow hard is it to use? Not very. This is not a free service, however. Hulu Plus will run you $7.99 a month, but for that relatively inexpensive fee, users get unlimited viewing of the content. There is both an Android and iOS app, so it is merely a question of signing up and launching the app. From there, users simply select a show and watch.

How well does it work?

Extremely well. Some users may experience buffering based on the strength of their Internet connection, but on a reasonably strong network, the shows run fluidly.

How do I use it in the classroom? Shows such as “Dinosaur Train,” “Super Why” and “The Electric Company” are incredibly useful tools in the classroom because they entertain while reinforcing the importance of academic lessons in everyday life. With the ease of Hulu Plus Kids, teacher no longer have to suffer through abridged versions of these shows streamed through small, often-unpredictable browser-based media players.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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