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Site Review: Token Rewards

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Content:  Token Rewards creates a customized rewards program, enabling teachers to recognize students’ achievement.

Design:  This site is effectively an in-depth advertisement for the Token Rewards service. As such, ample promotional materials offer a wealth of information to assist educators in the decision-making process. When a user signs up, the actual site created is completely customizable. Everything from the site’s copy to its images and rewards varies depending on the needs and desires of the school in question.

token rewardsReview:  Token Rewards goes well beyond shiny stickers, taking student achievement recognition to the next level. Students can earn tokens by reaching performance milestones set by teachers. Tokens then can be used to purchase a variety of rewards from the TokenRewards online store. When used properly, this type of achievement recognition can be a powerful motivational tool.

Token Rewards offers several tiers of membership, with the simplest being the free version. It goes without saying that the higher the membership tier and more valuable the rewards, the greater the cost. Depending on your school’s financial situation, the investment may be well worth it.

Regardless of the type of membership a user selects, token usage is completely flexible. Tokens are redeemable in the exclusive youth base reward store created for each client’s program. Students may spend the tokens as they receive them, or save them to purchase a more valuable reward.

Reward merchandise consists of items priced as little as 75 cents (for immediate gratification) and as much as $200 (for big savers and contest winners). Rewards range from toys, sporting goods and electronics to arts and crafts, school supplies and fashion accessories. New items are often introduced to reflect new trends and popular requests.

Bottom Line:  Looking for a unique way to reward student achievement and increase motivation? Give Token Rewards a try.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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