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 Site Review: ReadToFeed


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Content: This site is designed to engage classrooms in helping to end hunger and poverty around the world, while also fostering a love of reading. Among the resources available, teachers will find lesson plans, classroom rewards, learning guides and a book.

Read to FeedDesign: The site has two stated goals, and its design supports both. It is clean and professional-looking, creating a sense of trust in the philanthropic nature of Read to Feed. Additionally, the site is light and fun, which helps to engage students.

The lesson plans and downloadable resources are easily accessed and ready for immediate use.

Review: While the lessons and other classroom materials are useful and make Read to Feed worth visiting, the real draw here is the philanthropic aspect of the program. After formally registering and participating in the program, students can earn funds by achieving reading goals. Those funds then help “purchase” livestock for needy families. Because the Read to Feed initiative comes from Heifer International, a company that specializes in livestock sales, the animals given to families meet all standards for health and cleanliness.

The livestock provide nutrition and income from products like milk, meat and eggs and help lower-income families move out of hunger and into self-reliance. Participating classes can add pictures, goals and achievements to their class Web page and use a fundraising thermometer to help keep track of progress.

Bottom Line: For classes that want to improve student reading ability while helping families in need, Read to Feed is the place to go.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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