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Five Great Apps for Children With Learning Challenges


Children with learning disabilities can greatly benefit from the many apps available to meet their unique needs. Helping with everything from emotion recognition to speech assistance, the following five special education-friendly apps are very handy for kids facing challenges in the classroom.

iCommunicate - This visual app allows educators to design schedules, storyboards, routines and more to help special-needs students understand and communicate. Users also can create flash cards and speech cards.

AutismXpress - A tool for visually conveying emotions, this app can help autistic children quickly identify and express their feelings.

Eye Contact Zoo - This is a game where kids earn rewards for making direct eye contact. Perfect for kids with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, it helps develop necessary social skills.

iSpeech - Perfect for kids with speech difficulties, iSpeech is a language app that brings speech therapy home for reinforcement and support. This tool helps parents compare their child with expected progress while teaching kids to properly enunciate.

Dragon Dictation - Dragon Dictation voice recognition software allows the user to speak and have her words translated to text. It’s ideal for children unable to write, or those who are slow readers or writers.


Article by Sarah W. Caron, Education World Social Media Editor
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