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The 2009 Read With Kids Challenge, co-sponsored by USAir and Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), has set a goal of collectively logging 5 million minutes of reading to kids from April 1 to June 30, 2009. To help reach that goal and to be in the running for a US Air vacation package to Disney World, register individually or in teams at the Read With Kids Challenge Web site. The site includes reading and writing activities, a Millions of Minutes Meter, an online community for participants, and more. You can even follow the Challenge on Twitter.!
For Poetry Month, Nik Peachy provides a new poetry lesson plan with fun technology components. Do your boys hate poetry? Theyll love this lesson!
Are your students creating PowerPoint demonstrations? Drawing comic strips? Practicing sequencing? Writing scripts? Try one of our three new storyboard templates -- one of them is sure to fit the bill.
This weeks video of the week is actually a 6-part tutorial on how to create simple games with Excel. A great idea for you or your students.
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Storyboards Create comic strips, PP presentations, scripts, sequencing activities, and more with these 2-, 4-, and 8-panel storyboards.

Creating a Poetry Collection In this lesson, which encourages students to think about the sounds of poems, students use lip-syncing software to produce an animated talking head.

Sites to See Bring poetry into your classroom through monitor and modem with the help of these activities.

A Techtorial Choosing quality Web sites can be a time consuming endeavor. You can make that endeavor easier, however, by using COCOA P (and your gut) to find the class among the trash on the Web.

Did You See That Poem? Technology tools can add interest, knowledge, and skills to even your most prosaic lessons as students in Saskatchewan, Canada, learned when the use of video technology turned a language arts unit into "poetry in motion."

A Poem a Day Are you teaching poetry in a way that makes your students think they have to "tie the poem to a chair with rope and torture a confession out of it?" Maybe its time to turn things around.

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What can you do with SchoolNotes? Check out Emmott Elementary’s fifth grade page.

Doug Johnson Copyright instruction and enforcement needs to change from describing narrow limits to emphasizing how educators and students can fully -- and legally -- use copyrighted materials.

Bernie Poole Exploring the risks involved in integrating the Internet into the K-12 curriculum.

Brendas Blog Its the teachers job to make sure that the students work is indeed the students work. Anything less turns education into a charade where students pretend they know something and we give them credit for the pretense.

Nancy Willard All schools must develop effective strategies to address the issue of online safety.

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Presidential Recordings Program
5,000 hours of secret White House recordings from 1940-1973.

Shakespeare for Kids
Highly interactive site on the Bard.

The Futures Channel
Free multimedia resources for math and science teachers.

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Gadget of the Week ImageChef is an online image editor that allows users to create personalized messages and embed them in various images.

Encouraging Teacher Technology Use In some schools, staff technology use nears 100 percent; in others, it is virtually non-existent. Discover how schools can encourage -- or discourage -- staff technology use.

Miguel Guhlin Moodle is one of those technologies that can transform how you handle online professional development and student learning.

PowerPoint Presentations Lesson 9 of Bernie Pooles Essential Microsoft Office 2007 teaches you how to use PowerPoint to create slide shows and related teaching materials.

Using Excel to Create a Game
This 6-part tutorial explains how to create simple games using Microsoft Excel.

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