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November Bookmark and Book Plate
Encourage a love of books with these November templates.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Were the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki necessary acts of war or blatant atrocities? Explore some of the best sites for learning and teaching about those historic events.

Then and Now

Students create a Venn diagram to compare the Pilgrims "First Thanksgiving" with todays Thanksgiving celebration.

This Week's

A Techtorial
Learn how to create macros -- shortcuts to commonly used computer tasks -- in Microsoft Word.

What can you do with SchoolNotes? Check out Heather Ashmore's Life Science Page.

This Week's
Online Find

Do you love timelines as much as I do? Maybe it's the orderly Virgo in me, but for me there's nothing quite like the steady visual progression of chronological events to bring an entire concept into focus. In fact, the only thing I've ever disliked about timelines was the need to arrange and space those tiny little descriptive boxes -- and the tiny little print needed to go in them. But all that has changed with Dipity, a free online digital timeline creator.

Read more.

Our Favorite Teaching Tools
We asked the Education World Tech and Teacher Teams, "What is your favorite new (or newly discovered) teaching tool? This is what they said...

Blogging? It's Elementary!
Blogging most often is thought of as an activity for high school students. Did you know, however, that students as young as kindergarten blog on a daily basis?

What We're Grateful For
Kindergartners use technology to express appreciation at Thanksgiving.

Learn what Total Reader can do for your students.

Doug Johnson: Tech Proof
Free Is Good: Nearly a Dozen No-Cost Computing Tools
These free computer-based software programs are useful and reliable for the average computer user. All run both on Macs and PCs and have good track records of reliability.

Brenda Dyck: Brenda's Blog
You Can Be a Storyteller Too
Can digital storytelling facilitate the development of writing skills and encourage inquiry? And how do we adjust our instruction and assessment methods to fit this new way of communicating?

Nancy Willard: Cyber Savvy
Youth Risk Online: Foundational Concerns
Some foundational concerns that cut across many specific online risks include advertising, privacy, media addiction and multitasking, information literacy, and stranger literacy.

From the Math Machine
Connect the Numbers is a fun Web site for teaching number sequence.

Miguel Guhlin:
The IT Crowd

Five Lessons for Mobile Device Implementation
Because many school districts are just embarking on implementation of mobile devices, Ive provided five lessons that should be considered before implementation.

Alma Rowe's
Gadget of the Week

This tool allows users to collaborate in real time as they chat inside a visual workspace.

Featured (Free) Webinars
Tuesday, November 9
4:00pm (EST)
Web 2.0 in Schools from Tech & Learning.
Educators discuss how Web 2.0 tools are transforming teaching and learning in their schools.

Wednesday, November 10
2:00pm (EST)
IT Efficiency Exam from eSchool News.
Score 100 percent with answers to 10 common school IT systems management problems.

From the Science Machine
Use Measure Yourself to explore health, biology, and measurement.

From the Reading Machine
Spell Check players identify a misspelled word and spell it correctly.

Check out this week's site reviews:
The Visual Dictionary
Images and animations define objects.

Storybook Corner
Resources from the Harvard Family Research Project.

Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes
Searching for literature when you don't know the title or author.

Explore our Site Review Archives for more great sites. You also can keep up with our latest reviews by signing up for our Site Review Newsletter.

Where We Stand
American schools in the 21st Century. (Part 1)

Integrating Technology
The key to a good technology lesson is what you do before students arrive.