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Our pronoun lesson plan will help your students to learn about pronouns, including their various forms and uses. Also included in this lesson plan...
Ohio AP gov students are getting the experience of a lifetime through a series of field trips to experience the Iowa caucuses.
Use this list of activities from EdWorld to cover all the subjects this Groundhog Day.
Online learning program helps students tackle learning the political process and culminates with an opportunity for them to vote in a mock election.
National Museum of American History adds over twenty objects from Little Rock Nine.
The top five in-demand languages for K-12 might be very surprising to educators.
Celebrate Groundhog Day with activities, Internet exploration, and a variety of games. Printables included.
Education World offers six books teachers can use in their classrooms on Groundhog Day.
The Year of the Monkey begins on Feb. 8. Introduce students to the legends and traditions surrounding the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration.
This exercise is aimed at developing a productive class discussion regarding the issues of target markets and ethics in Super Bowl commercials.