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Would you let your students make art with food? In this lesson inspired by 'Amezaiku' artist, Shinri Tezuka, students create personally meaningful...
This student-centered art unit frees young students to explore their surroundings, collect found materials with care, and create a beautiful,...
Discover strategies to teach foundational drawing skills using engaging, kid-friendly methods.
Lesson ideas that will make use of your old art materials while making space on your supply shelves.
In this lesson, students design and use a model to test cause and effect interactions concerning the functioning of a marine food web.
In this lesson, students will design a solution to a food system issue impacting their home, school, or community.
The case for teaching empathy. Keith Lambert examines ways to integrate teaching this social-emotional skill into your current curriculum.
Take an in-depth look at a visualization strategy that empowers early childhood art students to explore metaphor kinesthetically.