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Crisis in Ukraine: Student Discussion Guide

Get the rundown on the escalating crisis in Ukraine, and find resources for discussing the complex situation in class.

Speak Up: A Video Lesson on Bullying

Explore Cartoon Network's free online documentary on bullying. Included: Student printable to maximize teachable moments.

Writing & Art Lesson: Modeling Clay Figures

The Clay Boy, a Russian folktale, inspires grade 4 students to write a story and model figures out of clay.

Best Videos: Rome, Second Punic War to Empire

We move from the end of the Second Punic War to the beginning of the Roman Empire in this collection of best videos for the classroom.

Poetry Month Lesson: Haiku Scrolls

Students will write a Haiku poem, then create a decorative scroll with a watercolor background.

Common Core: Thesis Writing With WordPress

This grade 6-12 lesson emphasizes the value of constructing quality claims and arguments while refuting fallacies.

Creative Writing Lesson: Fictional Narratives

With this creative writing exercise for grades 7-12, students use introspection and visioning to inspire a fictional narrative.