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Whether your teaching students or your own children, use these Education World resources to add educational value to your celebration of the 4th...
As more presidential hopefuls begin to announce intentions to run for the 2016 presidential election, find out where each one currently stands on...
Five tips for avoiding the end-of-semester slump.
Determine the size of 3 or 4 dinosaurs and tape a line on your floor that is the length of each dinosaur to help students explore their enormous size...
Grade 3-12 students learn about physics and take on the role of engineers who design a thrill ride.
Tired of the same old ideas for preventing the “summer slide”? Dig a little deeper with activities that families can do together.
Have students dig for dinosaurs in this fun activity that allows them to be paleontologists.
Integrating a fitness and nutrition program into everyday lessons helped some elementary students tone up and prepare for a competition.
Transform your classroom into summer camp. Students learn about wildlife and plants and create camp games and songs.
Children will love making these crowns and torches for a special Liberty Parade.