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Have children observe a candle while learning the science behind fire. Followup by demonstrating the stop, drop, and roll technique.
This lesson highlights prosocial behaviors for this special week (Oct. 19-23).
Using Excel, students answer questions to create a silly, spooky, fill-in-the-blanks story.
Explore safe fire escape for the home, and at school. Then follow up with this educational art activity.
Enjoy these Halloween games that are perfect for entertaining your early childhood students before this exciting holiday.
Have children make fire trucks from egg cartons to celebrate Fire Prevention Month.
Grade 7-12 students learn the surprising science behind plants’ ability to communicate nonverbally.
Young students will learn seasonal words while having fun with this pumpkin word wheel activity.
Reinforce various math, science, and observation skills by tracking this fall’s falling temperatures.
Help children understand the food chain by teaching them about how bats survive in their ecosystems in this explorative lesson.