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Seven Stories and Books to Share on Pi Day

Here is a list of seven books and stories teachers can share with their students on Pi Day.

Fifteen Writing Prompts for St. Patrick's Day

Education World has gathered a list of fifteen writing prompts teachers can use in the classroom to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Women of the Century: An Education World WebQuest

Just in time for Women's History Month! This week, Education World offers a Women's History WebQuest. Challenge students to make use of bookshelf and online resources to create an Encyclopedia of the Century's Notable Women.

Pi Resources for Pi Day

Pi Day is March 14! Here are five resources educators can use to find lesson plans, games, apps, activities, books, and more.

3 Resources For Fun and Effective Lessons To Teach Taxes

While tax time can be a trying experience for adults, it can also be a prime learning opportunity for students to understand how taxes work and why we pay them.

Plan a Pi Day Party (March 14)

Explore this collection of links to ideas and activities that will help you plan an unforgettable Pi Day (March 14) celebration.

5 Fun Arts & Crafts For St. Patrick’s Classroom Decor

What’s more fun than a glittery, rainbow-colored St. Patrick’s day craft? Decorating the classroom once they’re finished. Young students will love the creative influence and decorative use of these five crafts.