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Can Plants Speak?

Grade 7-12 students learn the surprising science behind plants’ ability to communicate nonverbally.

Virtual Field Trip: Germany's Black Forest

Dive into the culture, history and folklore associated with the beautiful landmark and thriving tourist area.

Twitter’s Vine: Five Classroom Activities

Make the most of the micro-video site with these engaging lesson ideas.

10 Social Justice Activities for Students

These great mini-lessons will get kids at different grade levels thinking about human rights and our responsibility to take care of each other.

Creepy Creatures: Parasites and Adaptation

These horrifying--yet fascinating--creatures help grade 8-12 students understand adaptive behaviors and key concepts of evolution.

Life Science Lesson Plan: Meet a Venomous Snake

Grade 5-8 students learn about venomous snakes, use artistic skills to create a specific snake, and write a short story about it.

Four Year-Long Projects for Student-Growth Reflection

Year-long projects are important fpr students just as much as teachers. Students can see what they can improve on or what they are good at. Here are four year-long project ideas for student-growth reflection.