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Students create dreidels, traditional Hanukkah toys, from common materials and play the dreidel game!
Grade 7-10 students travel through musical history with composers who made major marks from medieval to modern times.
A multicultural extravaganza of fun holiday lessons including Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and more.
Grade 5-12 students gain digital literacy skills and build self-esteem by expressing via social media positive traits that define their character.
December offers great opportunities for teaching about our multicultural world.
Imagine a spacecraft traveling at an incredible speed, yet at the same time standing still. Explore the fabric of space-time with this cool activity.
A world of activities and websites focused on traditions and holidays celebrated by people all over the globe.
Grade K-2 students learn about unusual animals, determine the main topic and details of a reading passage, then do a cute coloring activity.
With this creative writing exercise for grades 7-12, students use introspection and visioning to inspire a fictional narrative.
Recent findings concerning the gravitational interaction of three dead stars could poke holes in Einstein’s famous theory.