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Make a "Memories of Mom" Memento


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    Family Life


3-5, 6-8

Brief Description

Students create a book of collected "memories of mom" as a very special Mother's Day gift. Included: Ten writing prompts for students.


Students will

  • brainstorm a list of writing topics for a "Memories of Mom" book.
  • choose one of the topics as the subject of a daily essay.
  • combine a week of daily essays into a book to give their mothers for Mother's Day.


journal, writing, prompt, mother, Mother's Day, family, memory

Materials Needed

  • writing supplies

Lesson Plan

In the week leading up to Mother's Day, invite students to choose from a list of writing prompts. The prompts provided below are designed to get students thinking about special things their mothers do with them or for them. Students should choose a different prompt to respond to each day. (A single paragraph is probably appropriate for most grades.) At the end of the week, students combine their pages to create a special "Memories of Mom" book to give their mothers for Mother's Day.

Students who do not have a mother in the home can write about a special person in their lives.

Sample Writing Prompts

  • A Holiday Memory With Mom
  • A Funny Moment With Mom
  • The Best Advice My Mother Gave Me
  • Mom Always Says ...
  • A Time I Told a Fib to Mom
  • The Things I Admire Most About Mom
  • A Memorable Trip With Mom
  • A Lesson I Learned from Mom
  • My Mom Is Special Because ...
  • My Mom Is Happiest When ...

Invite students to brainstorm new ideas to add to the list or to write about another topic that is special to them, even if it isn't on the list.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Gary Hopkins

National Standards

FINE ARTS: Visual Arts

  • GRADES K - 4
    NA-VA.K-4.1 Understanding and Applying Media, Techniques, and Processes
  • GRADES 5 - 8
    NA-VA.5-8.1 Understanding and Applying Media, Techniques, and Processes
  • GRADES 9 - 12
    NA-VA.9-12.1 Understanding and Applying Media, Techniques, and Processes



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