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So You Want to Be an Astronaut?

Subject:Language Arts
Grade:6-8, 9-12

Brief Description
Students explore resources on how to become an astronaut, write job descriptions for three categories of astronauts, and compose ads for astronaut positions.


To learn about career planning, students explore the education, background, and personality traits required of astronauts.


astronaut, career

Materials Needed

Computer with Internet access, Space FAQ 12/13 -- How to Become an Astronaut, Astronauts, Space Team Online, and How Do You Become An Astronaut?

Lesson Plan

  • Provide students with examples of job ads and job descriptions. Discuss the information provided in each kind of document and help students notice the differences between them.
  • Invite students to explore online sites about how to become an astronaut.
  • Organize students into three groups and assign a position -- either pilot, mission specialist, or payload specialist -- to each group.
  • Have each group write a job description and job ad for each assigned position.

Invite students to submit a letter and application for the astronaut candidate program for one of the positions.


Students will be evaluated on the quality and accuracy of their written work.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

Submitted By

Linda Starr

National Standards

Language Arts: