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Is That Volcano?



  • Geography
  • Science


  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12

Brief Description

Students identify the locations of some of Earth's active volcanoes.


Students demonstrate knowledge of geography by identifying the locations of some of Earth's active volcanoes.


volcano, geography, maps,

Materials Needed[shopmaterials]

A world or U.S. map (one copy for each student), a numbered list of some of Earth's Active Volcanoes (one copy for each student or different short lists for each group of students)

Lesson Plan

Provide students or groups of students with a world map and a numbered list of some of Earth's Active Volcanoes. Ask students to write the number of each volcano in the correct location on the map. Provide younger students with the name of the volcano and its location. Provide older students with just the name of the volcano. The youngest students might find the locations of U.S. volcanoes.

Extension: Arrange students into groups, and assign one volcano to each group. Ask the group to research how the volcano affects the country in which it is located. Encourage students to consider factors about the country's economy, industry, tourism, agriculture, and weather and climate.


Evaluate students on the correctness of their responses.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Linda Starr

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