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Halloween Alternatives: Schools Get Creative

Once teachers and parents let time-honored traditions go, they often find that Halloween alternatives can be engaging and educational.

VOCAB-u-lous: Halloween

Each Vocab-u-lous! activity sheet challenges your middle-grades and high-school students to use their dictionaries to help them figure out which of nine challenging Word Bank words fits in each of the ten sentences on the Vocab-u-lous! activity sheet.

Great Games for Halloween

Cut out from heavy paper a number of small pumpkin and ghost shapes. On a sheet of poster board draw a tic-tac-toe grid. Invite children to...

Diane Hodges: Looking Forward to Monday Morning: More Halloween Fun - Spook-tacular Activities

Here are some spook-tacular Halloween activities that you might want to implement with the help of your staff.

Halloween Tales

Expand on Halloween story starters and build engaging original tales.

Scare Up Some Great Halloween Poetry-Writing Activities! by ...

Halloween is the perfect time for your students to scare up a humorous poem or epitaph! Check out these poetry-writing ideas from teacher Glori Chaika. Send a selection of your students' work to us!

Create a Halloween Ghostie

Provide each child with a sheet of black construction paper. Use a white crayon to draw an outline around each child's foot on the black paper. Invite...