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Controlling the Techno F-Renz-y Web site name: Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class

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Web site creator: Heather Renz, McCall Elementary School, Redmond, Oregon

"I began creating my classroom Web site for an upcoming fourth/fifth grade blend class," recalled Heather Renz. "I wanted to have a Web site to use as a class management tool, a communication tool, and also as a resource. For much of my classroom instruction, I knew I could combine the fourth and fifth grade curriculum, but at other times, the curriculum and content were vastly different. I wanted my fourth graders to be able to work on an assignment using the Web site and Internet while I was actively teaching the fifth graders -- and vise versa."

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Renz uses Mrs. Renz's 4th Grade Class Web Site to help organize and guide students' surfing. The site provides access to previewed and selected resources, so students do not waste valuable computer time with aimless searching.

"I have links for parent announcements, a homework list, spelling lists, our daily schedule, curriculum links, and a photo gallery," Renz told Education World. "All teachers could spend a few hours in The Teachers File Cabinet. That page is a great resource for locating educational sites quickly." Visitors will also find Student Web Pages, Great Internet Web Sites, and a Mastery Club for students who seek to go above and beyond classroom expectations.

Renz's Web site has generated many positive comments from students' families. Parents have indicated that the site comes in handy when notes from school don't make it home in their children's backpacks! The uncle of one of Renz's students and his family in Croatia visit the site to look at their nephews work. Another student's grandmother in Arizona loves to view her grandsons work on his Web page!

Renz plans additional improvements to the site this year. "If the hours of work I spend creating, searching for, and cataloging great educational sites, and maintaining my site provide useful resources to other teachers, then Im happy," she offered. "Sharing is what teaching is all about, and Im happy to help others.


Article by Cara Bafile
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