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Top Five Growing Career Fields

Amid the economic instability facing the United States since 2008, careers that can guarantee a growing employment rate, better salaries, a work-life balance and essential job security are the most desirable.

In partnership with, Education World presents this list of the top career fields for high school seniors to consider. Share these career options with students to help prepare them as tomorrow’s working professionals.


The medical sector has always been a substantial field, but dentistry occupations are the front-runners, with an average salary of around $142,750. Following closely in the medical field are registered nurses, a job that is very in-demand due to the U.S.’ growing healthcare needs. Occupations such as pharmacist, physician, physical therapist, dental hygienist, veterinarian and psychologist also typically offer high salaries.


With the boom in the field of information technology, new career fields are unfolding that previously didn’t exist. The field itself has a low unemployment rate, hovering at around 2.5 percent, while demand in the sector only seems to be growing. A job as a computer systems analyst is currently one of the most desired choices in the technology field, followed closely by database administrator, software developer, Web developer, computer programmer and IT manager. The pay for this sector ranges from $48,000 to $158,000.


The financial sector has loads of momentum, and companies are looking to hire graduates who can help manage accounts, plan financial strategies and balance costs. Becoming an accountant is an excellent way to enter financial services. Certified public accountants (CPAs) make an average of $74,200 per year, with an expected 18 percent rise in the employment rate over the next 10 years. Careers as an actuary, market research analyst, cost estimator, bookkeeper, audit clerk and financial advisor are also worthwhile.


If you have students who are always eager to learn and ready to help other kids during the learning process, then becoming a teacher or college professor might suit them. On average, college professors earn a salary of $70,400 and can expect a substantial 23-percent growth rate in the field over the next 10 years. College professors can manage a pretty decent work-life balance and are effectively free to follow other interests. Careers in the same classification—such as school counselor; high-school, middle-school or elementary-school teacher; teacher assistant and sports coach—are also promising occupations.


While every student should go to college, not all of them will. Thankfully, many great occupations don’t require a post-secondary degree. Professional training and certifications are available for students who want to pursue technical careers. Physical therapist assistants, for instance, are playing a key role. They help develop patient treatment plans, document treatments and modify treatments to meet patients’ needs. With an average salary of $42,000 and a potential growth rate of 42 percent, the physical therapy field is booming.

Occupations such as service unit operators (in the oil industry), certain mining positions and particular government service and construction jobs can also offer promising careers.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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