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Top 7 Signs Your District is Implementing the Common Core

1.  You believe that students are born knowing how to type responses to online assessment questions.

online assessments common core
Source: lawebloca

2.  When it comes to standards language, your motto is, "Never say in one word what you could say in 25!"  

common core standards language
Source: Tama

3.  To you, the acronym PARCC stands for "People always ridiculing Common Core."

PARCC Common Core
Source: ItIsOurParadise

4.  You work best under pressure. Pressure from Race to the Top, from your state, from teachers, from parents, from students...

Source: letsfrances1

5.  The words "Smarter Balanced" call to mind a circus act.

Source: JustforGrins

6.  The notion of achieving "college and career readiness" seems like pure fantasy. 


7.  Really--your existing curriculum was just begging to be thrown out.




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