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Anti-Stress Mists Help Teachers Relax

A 21-year veteran educator, Beth Wrobel understands that teachers carry a bigger load of stress than most, and might need something to help them unwind at the end of a hard day. As CEO of The Blissful Teacher Co., Wrobel designed fragrances to do just that.

With scents such as “Recess Duty Relaxation,” “Data Driven Delight” and “Sunday Night Soother” (peppermint, clove and lavender, respectively), Wrobel’s 4-ounce anti-stress mists contain “pure essential oils” that are diluted with distilled water and mixed with epsom salts.

Wrobel became interested in working with fragrances and essential oils three years ago when her friend, who sells the therapeutic-grade oils, gave her some peppermint for her daughter’s head cold.

“My friend said, ‘Rub it on her feet tonight. That is how they get to the cellular level and absorb into the bloodstream.’ I thought she was nuts, but [I] humored her,” said Wrobel.

“Next day, Avery [Wrobel’s daughter] was all clear…then I decided teachers need these.”

“My decision to market to other teachers was simple—they need these essential oils to handle stress, boost midday energy level, and fight the germ infestation that comes along with teaching,” Wrobel half-joked. She added that the pressures teachers face, such as new curriculum, evaluation and accountability/differentiation demands, make relaxation a must.

The mists are not limited to teachers, however. “We also have a ‘Nurse Necessity,’ ‘Secretary Serenity’ and ‘Bus Driver Bliss.’ We are branching out in the future to include many other occupations.”

The Blissful Teacher even has a brand for pets called “Teacher’s Pet.”

“Our black lab licks [it] off…after being sprayed—then his breath is refreshed from the peppermint,” she said, noting that the all-natural mists can even be put in tea. 

Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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