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Site Review: Wordle

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wordleContent:  Wordle is an online tool where users can generate "word clouds" from text they input into the system. By clicking the "create" button, students can paste, type or insert a large amount of text into an empty box. Users also have the option to enter a URL for a blog, blog feed or any html page. Upon clicking "go," Wordle will create a cloud graphic by organizing the words into a unique design. Users can then change the font, layout, text colors and background to their liking. Students can either print out the word cloud, or save it to the gallery to share with others. 

Design:  The site's home page is very simple and easy to navigate. A student of any age could use the Wordle tool with the help of a teacher.

Review:  The word clouds look professional, like something one might find in a popular store. A user can create a word cloud in under one minute and paste it to a Word document, social media site or elsewhere. The site is free and offers many customization options. 

Bottom Line:  Wordle is a great site for teachers to use with students, whether for projects or in order to create visual aids. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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