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Site Review: Parent Toolkit

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Content:  Produced by NBC News' Education Nation (an initiative to promote solutions-focused conversation about the state of education) and sponsored by Pearson, the Parent Toolkit helps parents follow their children’s educational journey, providing useful tips and tools to support students' growth. The site, offered in both English and Spanish, lets parents access growth charts and benchmarks related to school performance as well as physical health. (Resources on social development are coming soon.)

nbc education nation parent toolkitDesign:  Although the homepage is a little cluttered, the site design is visually pleasing. Easy, well-organized navigation and bold yet simple graphics contribute to a pleasant user experience.

Review:  The quality content here--vetted by teachers, college professors, pediatricians, dieticians and other experts--earned the site a 2014 Webby Award in the Family/Parenting category. Teachers and parents can therefore rest assured that they're getting good information. The Toolkit offers grade-specific tips and other advice to help parents do everything from preparing for a parent-teacher conference to encouraging kids to exercise. The site even includes plain-language information about (and examples of) what students are expected to learn each year in English and math.

Bottom line:  The Parent Toolkit is a great resource for teachers to recommend to parents, as it will enable them to effectively support children’s school success. Teachers also can use the site to anticipate common questions asked by parents at conference time.

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor
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