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Site Review: Comic Creator

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Content:  Read-Write-Think’s Comic Creator gives students all the tools needed to make their own comic strips. They can choose their comic’s name and the number of panels, which they’ll be able to write and create. Kids also can select people and objects.

Design:  The design is straightforward, making the site easy to use. The Comic Creator runs like an early 2000s Flash game—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Oddly, the tool only occupies a corner of the Web page, leaving the rest of the page a dull-looking white space.

Review:  While this simple site offers a lot of fun, that fun will be short-lived. After students go through all of the options, there is very little left for them to do. Although they can continue making up stories and playing around with the already-created comic characters, they will quickly run through all possible combinations of comic elements.

Bottom Line:  Kids looking to create their own Batman or Superman adventures will have to look elsewhere. This is a basic creator with limited options that will only entertain for the first 20 or so minutes. Still, the site is suitable for a brief class assignment and offers an engaging way for students to tell a story.


Article by James Drzewiecki, EducationWorld Contributor
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