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Online ADHD Course Offers Strategies for Classroom Success

Each year, the number of children diagnosed with ADHD continues to grow, making it vitally important that educators are prepared to best serve those children and their classmates in the classroom. Staff Development for Educators’ online course Teaching Students with ADHD carefully outlines practical ways to help children with ADHD control their behavior and succeed in school, and arms educators with the tools needed to make that a reality.

The course explores the positive impact that simple adaptations in classroom space, structure, rules and expectations can have on children with ADHD. Through numerous, vivid lessons, educators will hear from the real experts: the children themselves, parents and teachers.

Lessons are also devoted to exploring myths and facts about ADHD, and how the condition can affect motivation, activity level, attention and memory. Filled with immediately-applicable strategies, educators will complete the course confident that they have the skills and knowledge needed to help students with ADHD compensate for their problems and achieve their full potential.

The course is led by veteran educator Ellen Arnold, who has spent most of her professional career helping learners unlock their potential as a teacher and special educator. Arnold has been a reading specialist at the primary level, a social studies and reading teacher at the middle school level and a special educator at the high school level.

Teaching Students with ADHD is also beneficial to parents of children with ADHD.  Techniques for adapting classroom strategies for home, such as ways to help children with ADHD be successful with homework, are highlighted in two separate lessons.

Teaching Students with ADHD is offered each month and runs for six weeks. Two lessons are released each week for the six-week duration of the course. Educators will have access to all lessons until the course ends.

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