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Program Helps Students “Green” Their School and Community

The GreenTECH initiative boosts youth interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) while introducing them to environmental sustainability and green technology. The program gives youth an opportunity to positively impact the greening of their schools and communities.

GreenTECH is offered by Mouse (a national nonprofit organization that empowers youth to learn, lead and create with technology), in partnership with Solar One, a nonprofit that provides education and resources to create more sustainable urban environments.

“Mouse is about harnessing the spirit and talent of young people to effect change through technology, which for us starts with their learning environment,” said Marc Lesser, Mouse Education Director. “Ultimately, we view GreenTECH as a way to empower youth to engage with and apply science and technology in ways that position them as activists to address real-world problems.”

(Photo at right [of the Bonneville Dam in Washington] courtesy of Eric Guinther.)

Inspired by Solar One’s CleanTech science curriculum, Mouse launched its own badge-based learning program, which includes three levels of hands-on activities for students and teams, and videos that profile engineers and designers involved in energy careers. Mouse also developed the GreenTECH Lab, a Web app that allows youth to visually display carbon footprint data in their school and reduce its impact.

“Mouse has done a really terrific job adapting our CleanTech program to help students better understand energy and renewables,” said Chris Collins, Executive Director, Solar One. “GreenTECH is so engaging and fun that I am confident it will inspire the next generation of green engineers, scientists and architects.”

GreenTECH teaches youth about the potential of renewable energy. It offers a range of projects, such as building an electric generator, performing an energy audit and creating solar-powered toys. These projects create multiple opportunities for young people to gain expertise in technology, data collection and analysis, and sustainable solutions as they improve their STEM skills and prepare for higher education and careers in the growing green economy.

GreenTECH has been piloted in four schools in New York City, and the Mouse GreenTECH Badge is now available to Mouse sites across the country.


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