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Hanging Out With Our Perfect Papers


Reward students who get 100% on spelling tests, math facts quizzes, and other class work with a spot on this constantly changing "Perfect Papers" bulletin board.

Colorful clothespins hot-glued to the bulletin board make it very easy to add, change, and reorganize papers. No staples needed! If you have hot-glued 20 clothespins to the bulletin board, you can place the first 100% paper in the first clothespin, the next one in the second clothespin, and so on. Once all the clothespins are full, it's time to start again by replacing the first 100% paper on display with the twenty-first. This is a bulletin board that perpetuates itself all year long.

If your bulletin boards are within students' reach, students can do the posting of perfect papers themselves. And you can make a big deal each time a student goes to the board to post a paper.


Do you dare hot glue clothespins to one of your classroom bulletin boards? Maybe you can get away with that if you plan to use the bulletin board all year long. If hot-gluing to the bulletin board is out of the question, cover it with fabric or poster board (or some other material that has some sturdiness to it) and hot glue the clothespins to the fabric or poster board.

In order to give this bulletin board a touch of color, you might use colorful plastic clothespins. Or use wooden clothespins painted in a variety of bright colors.

When first setting up this bulletin board, you will want to decide how many "perfect papers" you plan to display at one time. Decide on the optimum number and then staple that number of papers to the bulletin board to help determine where you want to hot glue the clothespins. Once the clothespins are solidly in place, remove the papers so the clothespins are set for their first batch of perfect papers.

Have some fun with the headline of this bulletin board. You might

  • Drape a clothesline along the top of the bulletin board and use unpainted wooden clothespins to hold the colorful letters HANGING OUT WITH PERFECT PAPERS along the clothesline.
  • Drape a clothesline and hang colorful T-shirts and boxer-short cutouts with the headline letters printed on them.
  • Cut out the headline letters from a variety of cloth patterns and use clothespins to hang them on a clothesline draped across the top of the bulletin board.


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