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Activities for the First Day of School

Education World offers more than 15 creative get-to-know-you icebreakers from our readers.

Site Review:

Here's a fun and mentally stimulating online version of the game 20 Questions, perfect for both teachers and students.

10 Free Tech Resources for Teaching Poetry

Need new ideas for teaching poetry? Use these Web resources and apps to recharge tired lessons.

A Survival Kit for New Teachers

Get ideas for building teamwork skills, motivating students, creating reading response journals and much more!

Five More Great Documentaries

Get more suggestions for compelling education-focused documentaries to watch during those remaining summer days.

Bullying Prevention: Use Evidence-Based Strategies

Schools can reduce bullying if they intervene intensively with research-supported program components.

10 Ways to Foster Kids' Creativity

Creativity--linked to innovation and problem-solving--is essential for students' future success. Use these ideas to integrate creativity into existing lessons.