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Book Review: Engage Striving Students in the Common Core Classroom

Title: Engage Striving Students in the Common Core Classroom , by Jane Feber. Capstone Classroom 2013.


Description:  Written with teens in mind, this book offers CCSS-aligned activities that help students learn the English language and become better all-around communicators. Some of the activities encourage collaborative learning, while others use visuals to make connections to vocabulary words, sometimes in the context of a game.

Bottom Line:  The title references familiar touchstones for students, such as The Hunger Games series, and incorporates elements of fun and creativity. One activity uses music to aid comprehension, another encourages active storytelling, and others, such as the “Vocabulary Graffiti Wall,” add a clever twist to make the material more relatable to kids. If your students need help writing and pronouncing difficult words, this book can definitely help.

About the Author:  Feber is an award-winning educator with nearly 40 years of experience. She has written several books on language arts and student engagement. Feber provides professional development to educators across the country and online at

How to Purchase:  How to Purchase: The paperback edition of this book retails for $24.95 on Capstone’s website.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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