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Book Review: Serious Comix - Engaging Students with Digital Storyboard

Title:  Comix: Engaging Students with Digital Storyboards, by Eydie Wilson. International Society for Technology in Education, 2013.

Description: In Serious Comix: Engaging Students with Digital Storyboards, Eydie Wilson explains how she implemented the Serious Comix project while teaching special needs students in a New York City school. This book outlines a fun way for struggling students to develop their own comics with peers while learning multiple literacies through the use of technology. The title also covers the essential components of constructing dialogue within a story. 

Seruous ComixBorn from Wilson's graduate studies research proposal, Serious Comix tackles the distinct challenges of schools with limited technology and/or tools that are outdated. A clever graphic emphasizes student-centered experiences, which help educators create a positive learning climate and connect with young people.

In a co-generative dialogue learning environment, students explore their thoughts and feelings during the creative process and can access peer help, saving educators time and reinforcing a culture of support. The book helps teachers reach this goal, explaining tools such as interactive whiteboards, various software applications and Microsoft Office. It also offers basic, free technologies with which to build comics. In addition, Serious Comix includes lesson plans, strategies and goals for a six-session unit, along with recommendations for showcasing student work.

Featuring helpful templates—such as one for crafting a successful story arc—this book will help students at all levels overcome reading and writing difficulties through technology. Serious Comix also can help students in self-contained environments better express themselves.  

Bottom Line:  Serious Comix: Engaging Students with Digital Storyboards is a great resource for building fundamental technology, storytelling, literacy and collaborative skills in struggling students. The book’s content aligns with National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).

About the Author:  Eydie Wilson is an adjunct professor in the Math and Computer Science departments, and Departments of Counseling, Leadership, Literacy, and Special Education at Lehman College, the City University of New York. She also works as a coach and mentor for the New York City Department of Education.

How to Purchase:  The book retails for about $32 and is available on and


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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