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Banning Books from the Classroom: How to Handle Cries for Censorship

This guide on dealing with demands to ban books from the classroom will help you with any such encounters.

Ray Bradbury: What Did the Author Really Mean?

The book Fahrenheit 451 shows how a work of art can take on meaning and political significance beyond what was intended by its author.

Dyslexia Advocate: How Parents and Students Can Cope

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. Learn from A Family Affair Foundation what parents and students can do to address dyslexia.

Look Out, Harry Potter! -- Book Banning Heats Up

J. K. Rowling's best-selling Harry Potter children's book series tops the most frequently banned books year-over-year. Find out why.

Best Podcasts: English Language Arts

Explore great teaching aids for K-12 English/language arts educators.

Harry Potter and the Censored Tome

StarrPoints: Columnist Linda Starr reflects on who should choose the books your students read.

Augmented Reality Brings Books to Life

This technology offers three-dimensional interactivity while enhancing student learning.