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Districts Turn School Buses into WiFi Zones

Some school districts are taking advantage of vehicles used to transport students to and from school by using school busses as "moving WiFi zones, stationary hotspots or both," according to

Country's Best Magnet School Succeeds by Building Student Character

The Breakthrough Magnet School of Hartford, Conn., was the recipient of the Magnet Schools of America's annual award for best magnet school in the United States, and attributes beating out 319 schools across the country to its ability to use its values to strengthen and build the character of its students.

Federal Report Aims to Explain Teacher Retention

A newly released report from the U.S. Department of Education's statistical wing, the Institution for Education Sciences, found that over five years, 17 percent of teachers left the profession. IES then used the data to draw conclusions on why some stay and some leave.

Research Supports Starting Kindergarten Early for Advanced Children

Over the years, it has routinely been contested that skipping grades and starting kindergarten early is the best for children who are advanced. Research, however, suggests that advanced children need the challenge early on, and that districts must adapt to optimize results.

Parents Claim to Be Threatened With Jail After Opting Kids Out

In South Carolina, some parents are claiming they were threatened with jail time from the state's Department of Education for letting their children sit out of state-administered exams as the opt-out movement continues nationwide.

Host a School-Wide Celebration of Your School's Nurse

Your nurse has always been there for your children. Have you recognized him or her recently? In honor of National School Nurse Day as part of National Nurse's Week, celebrate your school nurse using this list of suggested ideas Education World has compiled for you.

School Focuses on Student-Centered Learning and EdTech for K-8 Students

The San Francisco Bay Area is host to the AltSchool, a former Google executive's endeavor to change education by focusing on student-centered learning supplemented by seemingly limitless technology. The founders of the school believe that AltSchool is the change to education America needs.