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Researchers Ask the Question: Do Superintendents Really Matter?

A recent study by the Brookings Institution looks at whether superintendent actions affect student achievement.

Vaccinating Students Can Benefit Entire Community, Study Finds

It's flu season, and according to a new study, giving flu shots to students in school will not only protect them, but others too.

Principal Shares Five Questions for the Innovative Teacher

Principal George Couros shares five questions teachers should ask themselves while being innovative in the classroom.

Teachers Aren't Prepared to Teach Their Students, Study Finds

According to a new report conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality, most states haven't done enough to prepare their teachers to meet the higher standards of today's education landscape.

Study Finds Big Drop in Students Being Held Back

Researchers have found that there has been a decline in the rate of students being held back. But why?

Administrators Share Insight on the Power of Role Models

Veteran School Administrator Adam Holden calls on schools to look at the roles that teachers, school leaders, and support staff can play in creating a diverse community of role models for students.

School-Wide Handwashing Campaigns Cut Germs, Absenteeism

Studies reveal that school-wide handwashing programs can make a difference in the health of students and staff and, as a result, improve school attendance. If your school does not have a program in place, are you aware of how many resources -- including many free ones -- are available to help get you started?